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Donate to charity of your choice by searching a database of more than 1 million organizations or by selecting one of Marriott's featured causes which we have a history of supporting through cash contributions, in-kind donations or employee volunteerism. The database of largely U.S.-based charitable organizations, gives our Members the option to donate as we expand options in other regions of the world. Find a cause>


Donation Value
Dollar Amount $50 Donation $100 Donation $250 Donation $500 Donation $1000 Donation

Point Amount 15,000 Points 30,000 Points 70,000 Points 140,000 Points 280,000 Points

Dollar Amount Point Amount
$50 Donation 15,000 Points
$100 Donation 30,000 Points
$250 Donation 70,000 Points
$500 Donation 140,000 Points
$1000 Donation 280,000 Points

Fees for services mentioned in the Benevity FAQs and Terms and Conditions are paid in full by Marriott Rewards® and does not affect the amount a member is donating.