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Use your Marriott Rewards® points to discover exciting, new things to do in every city you visit worldwide! Not enough points? Redeem for these great experiences by paying the balance with your credit card.

  1. Curation: Our travel specialists hand-pick the best things to do in every city.
  2. Options: We offer more experiences than you can do in a lifetime.
  3. Proof: We have reviews from a community of over 3 million travelers.
  4. Not enough points? Use your credit card to pay the balance.
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Explore Exciting Ways to Travel this Spring!

USE REWARDS Points to See the World!

  • Alcatraz

    VIP treatment at Alcatraz? Yes!

    Beat the crowds to the world-famous Alcatraz; choose among 43 exclusive trips!

  • Turkey

    The Best of Turkey!

    Check out our favorit Turkish delights in Instanbul, Cappadocia, Gallopi, and the Aegean region. Choose among 125 different trips!

  • Spain

    See Spain Using Points!

    Discover beautiful Barcelone, Seville, Madrid, Cordoba and more. Choose among 381 trips!